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The descaling of pipes is the solution to accumulated minerals and rust from the inner surfaces, the main agent responsible for the pressure drinking water pipes ceasing to have sufficient flow, which prevents normal use of the taps.

Especially problematic is when your shower or sink faucet has just a trickle of water that, sometimes, does not even reach with enough force to start the heater or boiler. This makes the moment of the shower cumbersome and uncomfortable rather than something pleasant. This is because the domestic hot water pipe is clogged due to a lack of cleanliness of the drinking water pipes.

Pipe cleaning without construction needed

At Remedy Plumber we offer you the possibility of unclogging the pipes in your home without any kind of work. The pipe descaling system consists of using liquids that remove the scale and rust adhering to the internal wall of the pipe. This system does not damage the pipe at any time. Undoubtedly and by far, this option is the simplest and most economical but also highly effective, since we clean drinking water pipes in depth, as a result of which, a considerable increase in the water flow is achieved on the taps. We have extensive experience, with excellent results.

Alternative option to pipe cleaning

Sometimes it is impossible to fix the problem of pipe unblocking with just cleaning. At Remedy Plumber we give you the opportunity to change the entire installation with visible pipes that, to make them aesthetically pleasing, can be painted or covered with gutters. This option is fast and clean.

Our offer


We only offer high-quality service.

From small household clogs to heavy-duty municipal lines, Remedy Plumber can handle any type of service call. From sinks to sewers, we have the right tool and the right team for every type of drain cleaning job. With our rapid intervention service, we efficiently attend and resolve all types of pipe clogs or septic tank cleaning problems.


The pipes can suffer deterioration, which causes their capacities to diminish.

Some of the main reasons for the causes of leaks in water distribution systems are an incorrect choice of network materials, poor installation, and seating of pipes, corrosion, deficiencies in valves, overpressures, external actions. In all cases, rapid action will always be necessary: ​​identification of the fault, choice of the repair procedure, and its execution. The type of repair to be carried out on the pipe will depend on the damage that has occurred on it, and will also depend on the material and type of pipe.


We provide you in a personalized way, with our help you will have hot water at all times.

Don't put your family at risk and come to the professionals in gas heaters. Remedy Plumber. Request an estimate and we will solve all your doubts and concerns regarding your bathroom water heater, we will advise you according to your needs.

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What things should I consider when hiring a plumber near me?

1. Make sure they're professional. Check their online reputation and reviews to make sure they're a legit company.

2. Make sure they have all the tools you need for the job. Current meters, screwdrivers, ladders, etc.

3. Make sure not to hire plumbing services based solely on price, look for quality and results.

4. Always ask for an estimate. In Remedy Plumber we're happy to make you a free estimate.

Are you thinking of doing some home remodeling? Do you want to make improvements to your home and need the services of a plumber? Let's see what are the aspects you should consider.

Why Us

For more than 10 years, we’ve been on call to assist residents and business owners across Pasadena with their plumbing needs. From basic drain cleaning to camera inspections, gas leak repair and beyond, our expert plumbers are here to help in any way we can. Contact us today for a fast response from licensed and insured professionals. We look forward to serving you.

We love to communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing, with clients and co-workers; Also, we always make sure to make our clients confortable by giving them clear and helpful information, using non-technical language if necessary.

We're able to prioritize tasks and responsibilities in order to use our client's time efficiently in the face of a high volume of work.

We approach tasks reliably and skillfully, providing alternative solutions to our clients when encountering faults in their systems related to the plumbing of their home.

We focus hard on safety, cost control and customer satisfaction, taking all safety and hygiene measures.

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